Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Happy 2014!

Late?. I think that's not late, but SUPER late. But better late than never, right? 
It's been more then a year I think since my latest post.
So, what I'm doing now?

Now I'm going to start my semester 8 and it means my last year on campus. But before I graduate and get my bachelor degree there's so many things that I have to do such as: Job Training, Seminar, and Skripsi (Thesis). I'm done with job training but i'm still crazy with the report. After it I must presenting my report in front of lecturer. And then I've seminar. Seminar is give my thesis's proposal to my lecturer. I already gave my proposal to my lecturer, presenting in front of him and had revision, and give it back to him. What can I do for now is just pray and wait him to accept my proposal so I can move to my thesis. Hopefully I can do these things easily and smoothly and then I'll graduate and get my bachelor degree this year. Amiin ya Allah...

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